International Islamic University, Islamabad, Pakistan


Da‘wah Academy was established in March, 1985, in order to launch educational, training and research programmes for Da’wah purposes addressing the needs of Muslim communities within and outside Pakistan. Inviting people to accept the supremacy of the Almighty Creator and to follow the right path of submission to none but the Creator in all affairs is an obligation upon all believers. Individuals, society as well as the Islamic state are under obligation to put the Book of Allah and the Sunnah of the last Prophet (peace be on him) into practice and convey the message of Islam to the humanity: “Those who, if we establish them (in position of authority) in the land, establish the system of Salah and payment of Zakah, enjoin the good and forbid the undesirable and with Allah rests the end (and decision) of (all) affairs” (Qur’an 22: 41).

The Academy has been actively engaged in devising and organising orientation and training programmes to achieve the said objective. Da’wah as a discipline and a specialisation necessitates intensive study of Islam as well as the various world religions and ideologies. The study of various disciplines such as mass-communication, history, languages, sociology and psychology also becomes necessary to properly fulfill the responsibility of dissemination of the message of Islam. It further requires the practical training of the people engaged in Da‘wah Activities. The basic aim of the extensive educational and training programmes of the Da‘wah Academy is to develop professionalism, promote Islamic commitment and instruct the trainees on how to communicate Islamic teaching in the best possible way.